The 15 Meanest Reality TV Villains


"Big Brother" has seen some pretty crazy characters, but the wildest of them may have been on the original version of the show that aired in Britian, featuring celebrities from all over the world, including Bollywood Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. Singer Jo O'Meara, reality TV Star Jade Goody and model Danielle Lloyd were accused of being racist bullies when they ganged up on Shetty, calling her princess and mocking her accent. Goody had some of the most outrageous outbursts, accusing Shetty of being a "f--ing liar"when the pair bickered over wasted food. The Bollywood bombshell certainly paved the way for a few of "Big Brother's" most devilish villains.

Andre Birleanu from "America's Most Smartest Model"

When Andre Birleanu graced our television sets on "America's Most Smartest Model," he brought sexy back with a villainous twist. After all, it was comedic entertainment combined with eight-pack abs, a double feature that was hard to ignore. His villainous charges? Besides going on Anti-American rants that offended nearly everyone in the house, the Russian import annoyed the judges and always looked for ways he could gain personally. Away from the show, Birleanu is still getting into trouble, this time for sexual misconduct. The most recent case last October resulted in his arrest for groping a teenage girl.

Jeffrey Sebelia from "Project Runway"

Jeffrey Sebelia was known as the "bad boy" of Bravo's runaway hit "Project Runway." He incited others to panic while he basked in the glory. Later, he revealed that his villainous behavior was really a calculated move: "It was sort of a good strategic ploy because everyone got pissed off and unnerved and hated me when I walked into the room." Sebelia's cocky and combative nature led to many reality TV worthy arguments with the other fashion designers, including one legendary quarrel with fellow competitor Laura, who accused him of outsourcing his clothing line for the finale. Laura's accusation was found to be untrue and Sebelia went on to win "Project Runway," which goes to show that sometimes villains finish first.

Lacey Conner from "Rock of Love"

She's been called "Psycho Rocker Lacey," while others refer to her as the best TV villain ever. While the majority of the ladies on "Rock of Love" were focused on romance and getting one-on-one time with Poison heart throb, Bret Michaels, this natural TV villain had her eye on victory and how to pick off each girl one by one. Her strategy involved telling Bret anything and everything that would make him want to eliminate a girl. She also got in the girls' faces and tempted them to take a swing at her, knowing that would disqualify them from the competition. Conner admitted she modeled her villainous techniques after another famous villain, Tiffany Pollard, a.k.a, New York. Although she was eliminated in the end, Conner came out victorious as a villain.

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