Anna Nicole Smith Drama: 'Right Out of Central Casting'

That could be Dannielynn's natural parents -- yet to be determined -- or the legal guardian, who would have to step up and manage the money.

Or, in another plot twist, what if Dannielynn dies as a minor before marrying or having children? The laws of intestate would pass the money on to the child's natural heirs -- either Birkhead, Stern or von Anhalt.

"Anything can happen between now and then," said Baskies. "And in this case, the father would stand in line for the whole estate. And there is another motivation for the father. The one who takes care of the child is likely to have favor with the child and be the beneficiary of the use of the money."

And then there's the language in the will -- the "express disinheritance."

"I wouldn't be surprised if Smith's mother tries to make some sort of argument that Dannielynn shouldn't inherit the money and it should go to her parents," added Baskies.

"It's not a great argument, but if we go back to intestacy, how can we ignore that Anna Nicole said it will not go to future children? Intestacy cannot ignore the will that said money would not go to future born children. And the next in line to Anna Nicole are her parents."

Why did Smith use such language? "A lawyer could have put it in there, or it could have been a mistake," he said.

As courts across the continent struggle with the fate of a little baby whose own narrative has not yet been written, those who are charged with loving and protecting her are having their day on television this week.

Even the lawyers got into the drama as Stern lawyer Krista Barth attacked Arthur's motives. "She's a barracuda in stiletto heels," mocked Wice. "She's meant to cross examine, not examine crossly. There are few absolutes in life -- but in child advocacy, you don't beat up on anyone's mom."

Regarding Stern, Wice said, "He's the fourth man on a four-man bobsled from hell that includes Joseph Goebbels, Idi Amin and OJ. You cannot, as a lawyer, put yourself in a position where you benefit from your client's demise.

"I love the judge," Wice added. "Probate judges don't generally come from central casting."

The moral of this character-driven story is simple, according to Wice. "I hope, in the after-life, there are far fewer morons to contend with than we have in this case."

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