New Projects Are the Pussycats' meow

In conversation, at least, the Dolls articulate a clearer, more serious-minded definition of girl power than their '90s predecessors did. Only two of them, Scherzinger and Roberts, have boyfriends, and Sutta, Wyatt and Thornton are eager to dispel the notion that all single women are dissatisfied. "To me, you're born into this world alone, and you leave it alone," says Thornton, who is "abstinent."

"I don't understand the concept of trying to find someone else to complete you."

Each Doll wants marriage and children down the line. "Once this is all done, I would love to settle down and have, like, 10 or 20 babies," Sutta says.

For now, Sutta is content to juggle her "four girlfriends — the (other) Pussycat Dolls," and feel maternal warmth for her young fans.

"When you see those little girls looking up at you, you know exactly why you're there — because you were that little girl at one point. I know I'm standing for them."

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