Michael Jackson Felt 'Young' at 50, Never Reached 51

Jackson: Oh yes, I am writing all the time. I love composing and the whole thing. But I am also raising my children and enjoying it and teaching them to ride bicycles and how to read. I love it.

Connelly: What do you want your children to know about what your 50 years has been? What will you tell them was the most important lesson you learned in your 50 years?

Jackson: What dedication and discipline and learning your craft, you know, the rewards it brings, to really know and understand your craft well.

Connelly: You know when most people turn 50, the AARP finds them and sends them an AARP card in the mail. Have you gotten an AARP card in the mail?

Jackson: Not that I know of! (laugh)

Connelly: You never know, they can find you wherever you are!

Connelly: Who do you wish could be here right now as you turn 50 to see what your career has become?

Michael Jackson's Exclusive Interview with ABC News' Chris Connelly

Jackson: Oh boy! Probably friends of mine who aren't alive anymore who I love and were close to me, you know, Fred Astaire. I loved Gene Kelly and I loved James Brown. These are people I feel very close to because it is very much the way I enjoy performing, and giving to the people – I give 101 percent when I go on stage, you know.

Connelly: Who do you see now who reminds you the most of you?

Jackson: Oh boy, wow. I see artists that kind of… I have been a great influence on their work and I think they are doing a wonderful job. Some of the younger newer artists – I think Chris Brown is doing a wonderful job and Timberlake and all these wonderful new artists. I really admire what they are doing. Very happy for them.

Connelly: How do you plan to celebrate your 50th birthday?

Jackson: Oh, I'll just have a little cake with my children and we'll probably watch some cartoons.

Connelly: Is there anything you are hoping to get as a present?

Jackson: Hmmm…Love and joy – peace for the world, that's what I want. Peace for the world and love, you know.

Connelly: Do your children understand what a big star you are? Have they listened to your music and do they enjoy it?

Jackson: They do. I try my best not to show them my stuff and play them a lot of it, because I know they will grow up to hear it. I don't want them to get too caught up. They see it when we go around the world. We go out and it's not so easy – you know the fans and the love and the adoration. But they ask me a lot of questions and I answer their questions.

Connelly: Would you like them to have the same sort of upbringing you had in terms of getting into show business at an early age? Or do you want to say whoa, take a minute, enjoy your childhood?

Jackson: I am letting them enjoy their childhood as much as possible. I really do. I let them go to the arcade and go to the movies and do things. I think that comes naturally. I want them to get to do the kind of things I didn't get to do. So I fill them with a lot of enjoyment that way – a lot of amusement you know.

Connelly: It must mean a lot to you to have your kids do the things you couldn't do.

Jackson: Yes – I get pretty emotional when I see them having a wonderful time. When they are on a ride and they are screaming and they are happy – it makes me emotional, cause I see they are having a real good time, you know?

Michael Jackson on Turning 50

Connelly: What kind of shape are you in at 50? Can you still do all the moves and hit all the notes that we remember?

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