Barbara Walters' Oscar Night Special

Then, in the wake of "Sex and the City," married women decided they wanted to be bad girls too -- at least on television. "Desperate Housewives" was born and Hatcher, playing the role of Susan, has become, in a few short months, primetime television's biggest star.

She says she's like her television character in that she's never had success with love, and is a bit afraid "that it won't work or that it'll hurt too much to really fall deeply in love with somebody and then what if they leave and all that."

Now, with two Screen Actors Guild awards, a Golden Globe and a full life with her 7-year-old daughter, everything is different for Hatcher and she is truly grateful. "It is so radical, this swing that has happened in the last nine months. It is truly, really should be, inspirational to anyone. In any career that you cannot predict where you're gonna be a year from now ... Life is a really fragile, unpredictable, amazing ride. This is the good part. Like you said this is the good part. And it might last five more minutes or it might last five years."

The show's success has helped Hatcher take a look at the way she had framed her good fortune and failures throughout her life. She told Walters she had gone out for a jog as she was approaching her 40th birthday and was thinking about the upcoming Golden Globe awards. "I was thinking I'm not gonna win," she said, "and I said 'You, really, Teri, do you want to spend an entire other decade, a whole other decade of your life telling yourself what you're not gonna do? Isn't there some place you can have value about yourself without taking away value form anyone else?"

Hatcher said she's lived with what she calls the "burnt-toast syndrome" she learned from her mother. "It's always, 'Oh, I'll have that, you have the good thing. And what I realized is it was kind of a bad message. Because it sort of made me feel like for me to have anything would mean that I was taking something away from someone else."

Hatcher said she made a conscious choice to abandon that way of thinking. "Maybe I'm just finally ready for good things to happen for me."

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