Boot Camp Finale: Szish Gets Ready for the Big Night


Day 11: California Tan

Celebrities seem to be tan-obsessed, or, according to California Tan's Fiona Locke, they are actually tan "addicted." So, adding the spray tan experience to my Red Carpet Boot Camp wasn't so much a choice as it was a requirement. And, of all the bizarre treatments I've endured -- body wraps, electric current facials, even Botox -- this was the ritual I was most nervous about.

See, I'm a naturally pale person. I don't tan, and on those rare times when I have, I just didn't look that good -- more muddy mess than bronze goddess. So, the thought of getting a faux glow, just days before the Oscars, filled me with complete terror.

What if I looked orange? What if I looked weird? What if my new tan clashed with my dress and my custom makeup?

Fiona, who custom-sprays everyone from Penelope Cruz to Hilary Swank to Cameron Diaz (often in the privacy of their own homes), assured me she would enhance my natural color rather than change it. Because, as we should all know, looking like you have a fake tan is a major red carpet "don't." (Remember Charlize Theron's Day-Glo glow at the 2004 Oscars?! A word to the wise: Do some research before undergoing a spray tan. Find a reputable salon that ensures it can match your natural skin tone. Visit for help.)

But, Fiona doesn't just bronze. One of her specialties is spraying in a way that adds the appearance of contour to the body. Want six-pack abs, cut arms, or a leaner leg? Fiona is your gal.

I had to strip down and wear a funny little shower cap thing, and the tanning solution was a bit cold. (Fiona described it as "refreshing.") But I was amazed at how a subtle boost of color made such a big, yet still natural-looking difference.

Although I slacked off on my boot camp workout routine, after a three-minute session with Fiona, my mushy triceps suddenly appeared toned. Even better, I still look like myself, but I appear to have an inner glow, even though it's on the outside.

I was so thrilled with my sleek and sexy look that I've already booked a post-Oscars appointment, just in time for my bout with a bikini -- after boot camp, this hardworking guinea pig is going hit the beach in Cabo for a few days of rest and relaxation.

Take it from me: Getting red-carpet ready is hard work! Tune in Sunday and Monday to see how all my hard work paid off on the red carpet.

See you then!

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