'Six Degrees' Contestant: Thomas Stratton

Thomas' family was already profiting from his singing before he graduated from high school in remote Union, Ore., this spring.

His dad runs a karaoke business and Thomas often goes with him to sing at weddings or other events.

But that's not the only place locals have heard Stratton's voice.

He has been chosen to sing the National Anthem several times at rodeos and other events in the town stockyards and has also sung in choirs on the local and regional level.

But Stratton has much bigger aspirations. His ultimate dream is to sing before a stadium full with 50,000 people.

While he loves living in a small town, Stratton is certain it presents a major obstacle for that fantasy.

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He has plans to head to Denver for college this fall and start working toward a business career, but said if the path he's on now leads to an opportunity to make it in music, it's something he could not pass up.