'Six Degrees' Contestant: Ken Swick

City people would consider Swick about the most honest-to-goodness cowboy they've ever met. But regardless of where they're from, anyone would find him a down to earth, straightforward, kind-hearted guy.

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Swick handles hundreds of head of cattle running a ranch in some of the most beautiful land in the nation.

But as remote as this is, for Swick it's actually a lot busier than the Wyoming back country he lived and ranched in for a long time before moving here early this year.

Growing up in rural Nebraska, Swick said during his whole life he's had two loves: cowboying and music. But apart from the cattle, the only listeners he's had through the years are the lucky visitors who've come by and the occasional gigs he's lined up.

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Still, plenty of people who have heard him have urged him to consider trying to record his music, a lot of which he writes himself.

But he said when you come from where he does, there are no contacts.

So while reality tells him he isn't going to "pay the bills" with music, it's always been a dream.

He said his dad used to want to try to manage his music career, but past away.

When he was younger, Swick said he had thought about moving to Nashville to follow the dream, but never did. Now with kids, he said it's not practical to try.

But Swick has a unique look, a unique sound and a personality that anyone would want to cozy up to just like a campfire on the open range.