Pink And Carey Hart Are Back Together: 'So What' And Other 'Break-Up-to-Make-Up' Songs

Ain't love grand? Even though Pink wrote an entire album about her split from motorcross bad boy Carey Hart, and even dissed him to his face in her "So What" video, the pair is now happily back together and even renewed their vows in Australia last week.

Pink is on tour promoting "Funhouse," i.e. the breakup record. "It's funny to sing those songs now," says Pink. "He's in the audience, so when I sing 'He's a tool,' now that's my favorite line. I'm like, 'Hi honey, that's you!'" Awkward.

Oh, but Pink isn't the only rock star to totally diss a former lover in a song, only to take their ex back. It's as if money, power, readily available groupies, and an entire world cheering their empowerment on isn't enough. Below, the most egregious examples:

Whitney Houston: 'It's Not Right But It's OK'

According to Karrine Steffans' autobiography, "Confessions of a Video Vixen," Bobby Brown had an affair with her while he was married to Whitney Houston. Amid rumors that Bobby "It's My Prerogative" Brown was doing what he wanted to do behind her back, Whitney scored a hit with her anthem about a cheater, "It's Not Right But It's OK." Although the song came out in 1999, she stood by Bobby through thick and reality TV show. Well, that is until 2007 when she divorced him and took the kids. We're glad she changed her tune from "I Will Always Love You."

Eminem: 'Kim'

Eminem wrote an ultra-creepy song called "Kim," in which he spits about wanting to kill his wife Kim after she cheated on him. So it's no wonder they divorced in 2002. But it was ultra-shocking when they remarried in 2006. Three months later they split up again. It's slim they'll get back together again 'cause their relationship is totally shady.

Elliot Smith: 'Miss Misery'

No one can deny Elliott Smith was a tortured soul, but some would argue his dysfunctional relationship with girlfriend Jennifer Chiba was the nail in his coffin. There's really no one song that stands out in particular because Smith's entire songbook seems to be a heartbroken trail of tears, like "Miss Misery" off the "Good Will Hunting" soundtrack. But despite their rocky relationship, Smith was at her beck and call until he committed suicide in 2003.