Same Character, Different Show; It's a Spin-off!

On her own show, Rhoda was visiting New York when she met a man and decided to stay. During its five-season run, the show received 11 Emmy nominations and 7 Golden Globe nominations, making it one of the most successful spin-offs on American television.

"Beverly Hills 90210" and "Melrose Place"

"Beverly Hills 90210," a popular FOX drama, followed the lives of a group of wealthy young adults as they experienced high school and college in Beverly Hills. The series identified some of the largest problems in mainstream teenage culture, while creating a strong fan base.

"Beverly Hills 90210" lasted 10 years, beginning with the transition of two characters, Brandon and Brenda Walsh, from Minnesota to California, and continuing with their journeys through young adulthood and friendship. After the show was nominated two years in a row at the Golden Globes for best TV series-drama, creator Darren Starr and executive producer Aaron Spelling realized they had hit gold.

In 1992, the duo produced "Melrose Place," a "Beverly Hills 90210" spin-off, but with the intent of reaching an older audience. The show featured a group of young professionals living in the same Los Angeles apartment complex. It ran for seven seasons, leading to spin-offs of its own, including "Models, Inc." and "Pacific Palisades."

With "Melrose Place," FOX became one of America's most successful networks by jumping on the spin-off bandwagon. This fall, the CW hopes to garner some of that success by bringing back some of the original cast and themes of "Beverly Hills 90210" for its own drama, "90210," about a family moving from Kansas to -- you guessed it -- Beverly Hills.

"Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice"

"Grey's Anatomy" has been one of ABC's top shows since its 2005 debut. A medical drama, circling around Dr. Meredith Grey and the other doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital in Seattle, the show -- which just finished its fourth season -- continues to thrive.

Through its sizzling love triangles and sexy cast, "Grey's Anatomy" producers noticed the opportunities of the show and began production on "Private Practice" in May 2007. The show follows Dr. Addison Montgomery as she moves away from her job with the cast of "Grey's Anatomy," to a private practice in Los Angeles to escape her complicated failed love with "Dr. McDreamy," aka Dr. Derek Shepherd. This successful spin-off plans to premiere its new season in the fall.

"Laguna Beach" and "The Hills"

Teens and young adults across the country became obsessed with the lives of a select group of high school students on MTV's reality show, "Laguna Beach." Located in the wealthy Orange County, Calif., the students of Laguna Beach were filmed as they conquered the ups and downs of high school, through good times, drama, and everything in between. Often criticized as superficial, the show focused on one class, through their junior and senior year of high school until graduation.

"Laguna Beach" lasted three seasons, but with all of America's favorites gone, the show did not have the fan base to continue. At that point, MTV created the spin-off "The Hills," which tracks the life of one of Laguna Beach High's graduates, Lauren Conrad, after she moves away from home and pursues an internship with Teen Vogue in Los Angeles. Just completing its third season, "The Hills" is scheduled to continue this August, along with its own spin-off, which follows Whitney Port (from "The Hills") on her new venture in New York City.

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