'Sex' Heralds Return of Fashion and Friends

Another attempt to capture our fashionable hearts and minds is "Cashmere Mafia," which tries to tell the story of corporate culture and couture. As cartoon-ish as many of the hats and layers, feathers, fringe or flowers that Carrie and the girls caroused around town in may have seemed, the girls always worked it. The realness and the sincerity of the whole HBO SATC family just dazzled like Carrie's Manolos or Samantha's cocktails. "Cashmere Mafia" is just a different flavor, and not that perfect mélange of spicy and sweet.

The closest I've come to having my heart stolen was when I began watching the "Gossip Girl." Somehow, this show has managed to capture a flicker of glamour from the SATC divas. With the addition of my two girlfriends, Michelle Trachtenberg and Lydia Hearst, the feverish pitch of hype and buzz surrounding the show is at the ultra max: from trickin' out the school uniforms to their party girl Manhattan-ite style. The show's fashions are creating a similar entrée ticket to the world of retail. The ultra-chic Henri Bendel's has even launched several designer lines in tandem with the show. The blatant splash of fashion as a character has become an obsession for many, especially on the CW "Gossip Girl" Web site, where buying your own piece of Gossip Girl style is just a click away.

My SATC girls have beguiled me, and the world, once again, as they are set to steal the silver screen. It is clear why Pat already has an Oscar nod from "The Devil Wears Prada" and the SATC machine can make fashion magic work. These ladies show that age is now timeless. Sarah Jessica Parker is 43, and Kim Cattrall is 52. And these girls have never been more stunning, bringing a totally new meaning to dressing age-appropriate.

As I was writing this article, I had writer's Bloch, and then I had an epiphany. After believing that everything that could ever be written or shown or discussed about this film had been said, after all the Page Six paparazzi photos, spoiler alerts and Internet rumors, I found myself humming the Peggy Lee classic, "Is That All There Is?" I became slightly disillusioned.

It wasn't until I had some girl time with my BFF, Fran Drescher, while curled up and munching out, that I really began to realize the importance of friendship, girl time, the brotherhood of sisterhood. And as we all set off on this million man march to theaters everywhere to catch up on our girls, as Fran as I sat there catching up and gabbing, I understood that this was really what the SATC is really about.

It's about these moments with your friends. It's not about plot, it's not about special effects, and (so sue me!) it's not even really about fashion! It's about being able to clear your calendar, to find those moments and be with your girlfriends (or just your friends) once again.

Thinking about that bond between our girls (both fictional and non-fictional), I couldn't help but reflect on the amazing women and friends I have known in my life, one of whom I have lost but not forgotten within the four years between SATC, The Show and The Movie, others whom I have had to take a hiatus from (let's face it, even our best friends can be stressful and too needy sometimes and a little absence can always make the heart grow fonder, as proven by our hyper-anticipation for the premiere of this movie).

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