Could Chris Brown Still Be Kids' Choice?

A report by TMZ said Brown would agree to take a plea if he can get a misdemeanor and no jail time. The site quotes a source saying that Brown's defense team believes he shouldn't be charged with a felony because Rihanna hit him first and struck him "numerous times."

Brown's attorney Mark Geragos did not return phone calls.

Rihanna's attorney Donald Etra told, "Today is not the time to comment on the details of the case."

Brown, meanwhile, has drawn the ire of most parents.

Jennifer Perillo, a blogger for, joined the petition and is rethinking whether her 5-year-old daughter should continue watching Noggin, Nickelodeon's preschool channel.

"For a channel to be all about children, that's supposed to be reinforcing positive image, to have someone like that and leave him on the ballot for what I perceive as ratings, it's disheartening," the New York mom said. "They should err on the side of caution and sensitivity. He shouldn't be promoted in any way toward children."

Should Kids Make the Call on Brown?

Not every parent thinks Nickelodeon is making a mistake.

Lynn Wilson, a contributor for, said in an e-mail to "Personally, I am disgusted by Brown's alleged conduct. If I could operate on feelings alone, I'd kick him off the ballot. However, I think our Founding Fathers were absolutely correct about the wisdom of making decisions based on fact and intellect (innocent until proven guilty), so I believe that Nickelodeon made the right choice to keep Brown's name on the ballot."

Ilina Ewen, who was physically abused by a boyfriend when she was 14, sees the situation as a missed opportunity.

"I think they could have used it as a teaching opportunity to stand up against something," said the Raleigh mom who wrote about it for "To me it feels like they don't care, they can't see the gravity."

Amy Oztan, who also writes for, said she will use the occasion to talk to her 7-year-old son Jake, who is a fan of both Brown and the Kids' Choice Awards, about what Brown is accused of.

"If Chris Brown's name remains on the ballot, I'm going to tell my son what he did and why he shouldn't win," Oztan said. "I wasn't going to tell him otherwise -- he's not that into music, so I wasn't worried about it. But Nick is throwing it in kids' faces.

"For kids, giving a person an award is an endorsement of the person, not just the performance. Kids often don't know the difference yet," Oztan said.

Los Angeles mom Jessica Gottlieb will block her 10-year-old daughter Jane and 7-year-old son Alexander from voting and watching the program this year.

"If a discussion comes up, it will be, 'Wow he's a bad guy,'" said Gottlieb, who writes for "It's not about whether he's talented, but about whether or not he belongs in prison."

Should Rihanna Stay on the Ballot?

Gardenswartz believes no kid under 12 should watch the show as long as Brown is a part of it. For older children, she believes parents should have a discussion with them beforehand about what a healthy relationship looks like and what to do if they find themselves in an abusive one.

The question of whether Rihanna should remain on the ballot is more complicated.

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