The Wolf Files: Meg Ryan Faked Here

— Remember when Meg Ryan demonstrated the art of faking an orgasm in When Harry Met Sally? Would you like to have what she had? In the very same spot? Now you can.

Katz's Delicatessen in New York City will soon bear a plaque to commemorate the scene in the 1989 Rob Reiner comedy when Ryan demonstrated to Billy Crystal just how easy it is to fool a man.

Ryan's moan-and-groan performance was so good, a middle-aged woman at a nearby table delivered one of the movie's best lines, "I'll have what she's having."

You'll soon see such plaques throughout New York. Organizers of the Tribeca Film Festival announced that Katz's Deli was the first of many locations to be commemorated under the new "Set in New York" program.

Katz's didn't wait for the city to act. Several years ago it posted a sign that read, "You are sitting where Harry met Sally." But that's not exactly accurate.

The characters actually had shared a car ride years earlier. But how much detail do you really need when you're eating?

An Appetite for Scandal

It's unclear what other sites will be designated. One would imagine that you'll soon see a plaque at the top of the Empire State Building, where Ryan shared a more traditional film moment with Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.

Those fairy-tale moments are nice, but there's no denying that movie lovers have an appetite to see where some of the most salacious and even horrific scenes were filmed.

Even in New York, some moments of movie magic are just passed over every day, such as the subway grating on the northwest corner of Lexington Avenue and 52nd Street, where Marilyn Monroe posed suggestively as a gust of wind billowed up her shear white dress in 1955's The Seven Year Itch.

Joe DiMaggio, Monroe's then-husband, was supposedly furious with the shot, and their marriage dissolved soon after.

"It's a reality check." says Chris Epting, author of James Dean Died Here (Santa Monica Press), a travel guide to offbeat cultural landmarks. "When you connect with a movie, it's only natural to be drawn to whatever part of the story actually exists."

Epting offers a road map to places you may have visited often in your nightmares, such as the Evans City, Pa., cemetery in Night of the Living Dead and the treacherous staircase in Washington, D.C., where the devil sent victims hurtling to their deaths in The Exorcist.

What’s Tony Soprano’s Business in the Ladies’ Room?

New York's travel industry is well aware that some tourists are more eager to see Sex and the City hot spots than the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Sex and the City bus tour takes you to Carrie's shopping haunts, not to mention the Pleasure Chest, the specialty store where the girls buy sex toys, and the downtown church where Samantha tried to seduce a priest.

"The church officials let us bring people there. They're very nice about it, and many of the people come dressed as a Sex and the City girl," says Georgette Blau, president of On Location Tours.

The Sopranos bus tour takes visitors to Satin Dolls, the Lodi, N.J., strip club that serves as the Bada Bing — the Soprano crew's hangout. The notoriety has been a windfall in sweatshirt and souvenir profits for the club.

The tour proves — among other things — that Tony Soprano conducts business from what's actually the Satin Doll's ladies’ room. Also, New Jersey law bans all-nude acts. The club strippers actually show more on TV.

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