The Ugliest Breakups in Hollywood History

In retrospect, the real story is what happened last week. While a seemingly oblivious Sambora waxed on about domestic bliss, even wishing for more children, his wife was sending tremors through the news wires by announcing the next big celebrity divorce.

As off-the-chart dysfunctional as this breakup may be, it's not so strange for Tinseltown, where over-hyped storybook romances often end as Stephen King bloodbaths. Certainly, everyone has wrestled with how to end a relationship. Do you do it in a public place? Do you need to do it face to face? Do you wait for the right time even when you know in your heart it's over?

Of course, celebrities fancy themselves creative types, and they've broken new ground in finding ways to dump their lovers and announce they're moving on. Here, then, is a look at some of Hollywood's most infamous breakups -- and the unique methods used.

1. Oprah's Couch: Matt Damon & Minnie Driver
Matt Damon never jumped up and down on Oprah's famed furniture like Tom Cruise, but he might have made just as big a fool of himself in 1998, when he told a national audience that he was single. The announcement came as a total surprise to Minnie Driver, his "Good Will Hunting" co-star, whom he'd been squiring around Los Angeles for seven months. Damon, who married last year, subsequently adopted a "no comment" policy when questioned about his love life.

2. The 'Locke' Out: Clint Eastwood & Sandra Locke
Clint Eastwood and Sandra Locke, his co-star through six films, shared his Bel Air home and were together for more than a dozen years. That came to an end in 1988, when Eastwood's lawyer sent a letter to the Oscar-nominated actress saying that the locks had been changed and her clothes and other belongings -- including a pet parrot named "Putty" -- were waiting to be picked up.

Locke ended up suing the "Unforgiven" star for palimony -- and then locked horns with Warner Bros, claiming the film studio induced her to drop her legal action by offering her a contract to direct three films, then reneging on the deal. Interestingly, the word "palimony" was introduced to America several years earlier by Eastwood's "Paint Your Wagon" co-star and fellow Hollywood Western tough guy Lee Marvin.

3. The Fax: Daniel Day Lewis & Isabelle Adjani
When Daniel Day-Lewis and French beauty Isabelle Adjani began dating in 1989, they had something in common -- they were both the most reclusive of movie stars. During their five years together, they were accustomed to phoning and faxing letters to each other. But he became infamous for faxing his farewell note to her while she was seven months pregnant.

4. The FedEx Farewell: Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Flavin
Leave it to Rocky to deliver a fatal body blow with the ultimate sucker punch. In 1995, when Stallone gave Jennifer Flavin the heave-ho, the message absolutely, positively had to be there overnight. So rather than call, or wait for a face-to-face confrontation, the all-American action hero sent a six-page handwritten "Dear Jane" letter via FedEx.

The master of monosyllabic dialogue must have a way with words. After a short engagement to model Angie Everhart, Sly and Flavin reunited. She became his third wife in 1997, and they now have three children together.

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