The Ugliest Breakups in Hollywood History

5. The Exposé: Kiefer Sutherland & Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland met in on the set of "Flatliners," and had a wedding date set for June 14, 1991. But shortly before the big day, the bubble burst, after an L.A. stripper named Amanda "Ravin" Rice sold the story of her torrid affair with Sutherland. He denied it, but she was soon dating his friend (and now former friend) Jason Patric.

6. Fathering (and Grandfathering) a Child Out-of-Wedlock: Lynn Redgrave & John Clark

Hollywood has seen all sorts of unorthodox unions, and you have unlimited choices if you're looking for the strangest. Woody Allen is often mentioned in this regard. The 70-year-old director recently celebrated his eighth wedding anniversary with Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of his ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow, with whom he had started a family. His relationship with Farrow ended when she found pictures of a scantily clad Previn in his apartment.

After years of public ridicule, Allen seems to be moving on. And, if it makes the marriage more acceptable in the public's eye, his 35-year-old wife is now old enough to be exactly half his age.

But far stranger is the story of Lynn Redgrave and John Clark. The couple had an open marriage, and for 32 years, they accepted each other's dalliances. But Redgrave was not accepting enough on Thanksgiving Day in 1998, when she found that her husband had had a child with their personal assistant. Making matters worse, by the time Redgrave found out, the woman had married Clark's son, theoretically making Clark both father and grandfather to the child. Now, that's a love story for the ages.

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