Bathroom Graffiti and Photo Blogging

Seifer certainly isn't discouraging eccentrics from joining Fotolog. On his own "Get in My Belly!" blog, he's photographed every meal he's eaten for the last 30 months.

Talk about a feast for your eyes: More than 20,000 people tune in each week to check out Seifer's latest bowl of Lucky Charms or Chinese takeout. The visitors' comments have proven to be food for thought.

"A guy from one country wrote that he had never before seen bananas on breakfast cereal," he said. "They don't do that where he comes from, so it was an eye-opening picture to him."

I've got to hand it to Seifer. I can't imagine photographing every meal I eat, but that could be the makings for America's next great foolproof diet.

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at "The Wolf Files" is published Tuesdays.

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