Trekkies Aren't Only Fans Going Overboard

Two of my favorites: Vandelay Industries (for Seinfeld fans) and Friends of Betty White, known as "Bet's Pets."

Humans are indeed illogical, just as Mr. Spock always said. Not just Trek fans. All fans. Take a look at these strange new life forms:

Three Stooges — Are there pilgrimages to the Hollywood homes of Larry, Moe and Curly? Soitainly!

Slaphappy knuckleheads line up in Burbank, Calif., to pay tribute to the comic trio through special bus tours. With great reverence, they leave flowers at their graves. You can even see where Curly bought his poodle treats.

And then — Nyuck-Nyuck-Nyuck, Woo-Woo — you visit the apartment where the Stooges used to rehearse their eye-poking gags and tryst with their girlfriends. Mmmm … Wise guys, eh?

"It's hard to prepare," says Roger Neal of Inside Hollywood Tours. Stoogologists, he says, demand deeply detailed accounts of their heroes. Experts include Robert Kurson, author of The Official Three Stooges Encyclopedia and The Official Three Stooges Cookbook.

"Incidentally," Neal adds, "there are female Stooge fans, contrary to popular belief."

The Stooge legacy was locked in legal limbo until the mid-1990s, and the tour developed in 1998 to celebrate the first convention in Hollywood. Predictably, a custard pie fight broke out amid rumors that a veiled Michael Jackson sneaked in a side entrance with a phalanx of security men to purchase T-shirts and other goodies.

Batman — A 73-year-old Adam West is unwilling to squeeze into his Caped Crusader outfit, but he still answers the Bat Phone when fans call. The demand never ends. He does several conventions every year.

Yvonne Craig, who played Batgirl on the mid-1960s TV show, says middle-aged men still tell her, "You were my first love."

"I was bouncing around in a spray-on costume, and these guys must have been 12-year-old boys with the early stirrings of puberty," she says. "It can be strange thinking about it all these years later."

Controversy in Batdom broke out in 1995, when Burt Ward, who played Robin, blew the lid off the Bat Cave in his tell-all memoir, Boy Wonder: My Life In Tights, describing how "thousands" of women lined up outside the superheroes' trailer, hoping to get into their Bat skivvies.

One chapter is headed "On your knees, girls, and stay in line!" — a quote attributed to Adam West.

At the time, West had had been married about 20 years. He denied the salacious details and had to assure fans he was no Bat Pervert. His relationship with Ward became strained, but that didn't affect the show's hard-core fan base.

The Poseidon Adventure — Do you remember the 1972 disaster film about a cruise ship that flips over after it's hit by a tidal wave?

The Poseidon Adventure featured Gene Hackman, Shelley Winters and other stars as trapped passengers trying to escape from the upside-down vessel.

Now, 30 years later, 150 card-carrying members of the Poseidon Adventure Fan Club celebrate the film over and over again, as if they were teenagers watching Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. The club gathered on June 1 for a gala event aboard the Queen Mary, where several scenes for the film were shot.

Club President Jack Castro says some Poseidon fans insist on watching the movie in a tuxedo or evening gown — just like the film's victims.

Friends of Hopalong Cassidy — Old TV cowboys don't die. They live forever in syndication.

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