Amy Winehouse's Funeral Set for Tuesday


"Spurs continue their resurgence, but most importantly of all, [there are] very definite signs that Amy -- the real Amy – is back among us," he wrote. "The hope, of course, is that this time it's for real."

Winehouse didn't run with many famous friends, but one celebrity who was close to her, Russell Brand, wrote a tribute to her Sunday. A former heroin addict, Brand, 36, saw himself in Winehouse.

"Not all addicts have Amy's incredible talent," he wrote on his blog. "Or Kurt [Cobain]'s or Jimi [Hendrix]'s or Janis [Joplin]'s. Some people just get the affliction. All we can do is adapt the way we view this condition, not as a crime or a romantic affectation but as a disease that will kill."

Now, another question remains: Who among Winehouse's small circle of family and friends will inherit her estimated $15 to $20 million fortune? It remains unclear if she made a will. A representative for Winehouse did not immediately respond to's requests for comment.

PHOTOS: Fans Mourn Amy Winehouse

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