Anne Hathaway's Ex Raffaello Follieri 'Happy' For Actress, Ready to 'Live My Life' After Prison


Follieri went to President Clinton's global initative conference and pledged to spend $1 million dollars on vaccinations for children. That was in addition to the $50 million he claimed his "Follieri Foundation" had promised to other causes.

Follieri said Hathaway had no knowledge of his business deals while they were dating.

"I don't think she knew anything because we didn't have a business conversation," he said. "I was discussing the business and what--in general, but not anything specific."

"I didn't have, believe me, any thought, that something would go wrong," he added.

But Follieri was paying the bills with investors' money. He spent $37,000 a month for a penthouse apartment in Trump Tower and $16,000 on a few nights at a luxury hotel in Rome. He even used investors' money to pay dog-walking charges for Esmeralda, the Labrador retriever he shared with Hathaway.

"When this was happening, for tell you true, I was not thinking about spending other people's money," Follieri said. "I had a good intention. I was not getting up in the money and think how I can spend other people money. It was not that."

Follieri said he hasn't spoken to Hathaway since he was arrested, but he only has "positive" memories of their relationship.

"One thing that being in custody teach me is that is not worth it to be bitter because if you are bitter you never really going to be free," he said.

Follieri said he too has found love again in an old friend he began dating while he was still in jail. His American dream may have landed him behind bars, but Follieri said he will be back in business soon, looking for new investment opportunities.

"You have two choice," he said. "One choice is to give up and be broken psychologically forever, or stay strong and overcome it. And I choose the second one."

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