Big Love Goes Out With A Bang; Creators Explain Ending


In a show shrouded in mystery, many expected its finale to shed light on the increasingly bizarre events. Viewers learn that the castaways of Oceanic 815 were brought to the island so that Jack could be appointed "protector" of the land, and survivors reunite in Los Angeles.

"Six Feet Under"

Everyone's Waiting


In a show that always begins with a death, this episode includes a birth as well; Nate and Brenda's daughter arrives. There are funeral home squabbles, and eager fans' questions are answered with a montage showing how each character meets his maker. The message is clear: everyone is waiting to die.


Day 8: 3:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m.


There is one final chance to expose conspiracy in this series' final episode. President Taylor never signs the peace treaty that she had worked so hard for, and Jack has a tearful goodbye with Chloe before planning to leave the country. Still, many questions remain


And in the End


Many old friends reunite when Carter opens up a new medical center for the underprivileged in Chicago. Guest stars help to wrap up this long running medical drama, as a teen is treated for alcohol poisoning and a woman goes into labor with twins.

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