Bill O'Reilly Rages, Anderson Cooper Giggles: Top 6 Reporter Freak-Out Videos


6. Anderson Cooper's Giggle Fit

On Anderson Cooper's RidicuList, a regular segment on "Anderson Cooper 360," the Silver Fox of CNN comments on the latest viral video or celebrity flap. But his good-natured ribbing got the best of him when Cooper tried a pun-filled take-down of Gerard Depardieu, who had reportedly urinated in the aisle of a Dublin-bound plane.

After mentioning that the cleaning crew should "thank their lucky stars it wasn't Depar-two," Cooper broke down into a nearly minute-long giggle fit. Still giggling, and wiping tears from his eyes, Cooper reflected that "you always see this sort of thing on YouTube, and you don't think it could actually happen to you."

Cooper turned the tables on himself the next night by putting himself on the RidicuList, and noting that "it's a little embarrassing to lose it like that, especially because I giggle like the 13-year-old girl meeting Justin Bieber."

Anderson Cooper's Giggle Fit

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