Billy Ray Cyrus: 'Fame Is Dangerous;' 'I Could Have Been a Better Dad'


"Something that important you don't just give up on," he continued. "And so, I've made a commitment and a vow to pull my family back together and be a dad … I'm not the perfect dad. I know that. But I have done the best I can do and will continue to do that very thing, is just do the best I can do."

Miley Cyrus Has Also Made Waves

His daughter has not been without her own troubles. Her squeaky-clean image has been tarnished after reports of risqué dance moves, a racy photo shoot, an onstage fake make-out session with a female dancer, and allegedly smoking the legal drug Salvia from a bong. A video purportedly of the incident surfaced in late November following her 18th birthday.

When news of the video appeared in headlines, her father tweeted, "I'm sad. There is much beyond my control right now."

But now, Billy Ray Cyrus says, "I don't think I'm going to see that anymore."

He said his daughter was maturing, but added that many of her growing pains seemed magnified because she was growing up in the spotlight.

'Our Lives Played In Front of The World'

"I go through the same things that other dads go through. But in my world, it was laid out for everyone on the planet to see instantly," he said. 'And I did my best to deal with it. We all did, as a family. But our lives played out in front of the world."

But things have changed, Cyrus told Roberts, adding that he trusted his daughter "100 percent" to make good choices.

"The key is, she is growing up," he said. "And I've been talking to her these last few days. I've seen and felt a maturity. Her heart is huge right now … you may know she recently went to Haiti. It impacted her. Huge."

The father and daughter are also thinking about turning their efforts to help yet others in desperate need.

"She and I both now are looking at the situation in Japan. And we've been talking about how can we help? What can we do to make a difference? I'm hearing that coming from Miley. I think she's realizing that, you know, she does have a purpose … ."

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