It's a Late-Night Mudslinging Match!

J-Lo pulled no punches when she appeared on George Lopez's new TBS show Monday night, taking swipes at all three late-night hosts.

Acting as a "guest host" on "Lopez Tonight," J-Lo opened the show with: "Welcome to 'Lopez Tonight,' where nobody gets fired, they just get replaced by a bigger star with the same last name..."

She joked that a Manhattan bartender has created a drink in O'Brien's honor: "It's called The's a Manhattan with sour grapes and a knife in it."

Then she wondered if Leno was too old to attract young, hip viewers. "NBC is thinking about changing the NBC peacock to a cougar, since they are trying to attract young people to an old host," she joked.

"Some women don't like the expression 'Cougar' but it's better than what guys get, right? An older guy who dates a younger girl that's called a 'Letterman'," she quipped, referring to Letterman's confession last fall that he had affairs with staff members.

O'Brien on Leno

After announcing that he would not continue hosting the "Tonight Show" if it was moved to 12:05, O'Brien took a swipe at the man who hosted before him.

"Hosting the 'Tonight Show' has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me, and I just want to say to the kids out there watching: You can do anything you want in life. Unless Jay Leno wants to do it, too."

Jimmy Kimmel on Leno

ABC's late night host didn't hold back when he guest-ed on Leno's show Jan. 14.

Kimmel participated in Leno's "10 at 10" question-and-answer segment via satellite. Asked by Leno, "Ever order anything off the TV?," Kimmel shot back, "Like NBC ordered your show off the TV?"

Kimmel continued the zingers and ended the interview admonishing Leno, saying, "All you have to take care of is cars. I mean, we have lives to lead here. You have $800 million dollars -- for God's sake, leave our shows alone."

Norm Macdonald On O'Brien

Guesting on O'Brien's show Jan. 19, "Saturday Night Live" alum Norm Macdonald arrived with gargantuan gift basket and kind, if belated, words for his old friend.

Reading a card he supposedly wrote seven months ago, Macdonald unabashedly declared O'Brien "the new king of late night," even as everyone knew his show was slipping away.

Jerry Seinfeld on Leno

Jerry Seinfeld stood up for Leno and NBC – the network that, coincidentally, broadcast his hit sitcom and plans to air his new reality show, "The Marriage Ref" – from the start of the whole late night brouhaha.

On Jan. 10, Seinfeld praised NBC's vision in moving Leno to prime time, even if the gamble didn't quite work out as planned.

"This was the right idea at the wrong time," Seinfeld said while promoting his new show. "I'm proud that NBC had the guts to try something."

Seinfeld also said O'Brien will emerge from the wreckage unscathed, but said O'Brien has only himself to blame.

"What did the network do to him?" Seinfeld asked. "I don't think anyone's preventing people from watching Conan. Once they give you the cameras, it's on you. I can't blame NBC for having to move things around. I hope Conan stays, I think he's terrific. But there's no rules in show business, there's no refs."

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