'Entourage's' New Addition on What's to Come This Season

Entourages New Addition on Whats to Come This Season

Well that was an explosive season premiere.

"Entourage" blasted back onto TV last night, with Vince (Adrian Grenier) determined to prove he's more than just a pretty boy who bides his time by the pool, running his fingers through his dark, curly locks. He can do his own stunts! He can walk away from a flaming car! He's kind of, sort of, maybe crazy!

Ari (Jeremy Piven), E (Kevin Connolly) and the rest of the gang will, no doubt, spend the summer trying to keep their main man from pulling a James Dean. They'll have a new ally -- Jake Steinberg, Ari's new assistant at the Miller Gold Talent Agency, who's played by Jonathan Keltz.

After making a brief appearance in season six, the clean-cut, eager-to-please Jake returns to fill the shoes of Lloyd (Rex Lee), who's now an agent in his own right. Keltz calls it the role of his dreams -- the 22-year-old, New York-born actor has wanted to be on the show since he came to Hollywood.

Video: Entourage Season 7.
Sneak peak: "Entourage," season seven, episode two.

ABCNews.com chatted up "Entourage's" latest addition to find out what's to come on the show's seventh season.

Q: So, what is the deal with Vince?

A: He's having his Lindsay Lohan season. He's having his moment of craziness. We'll try to reign him in. But Vince and guys don't come into the agency that much this year -- we're almost done shooting the season and Vince hasn't come in once.

Q: And what about Ari?

A: As you see in the first couple episodes, he's looking for something big. He wants to change the face of the industry. With the NFL angle, the sports development, you can see that happening. Who knows? Maybe he'll be stepping down to take on another challenge.

Video: Entourage season 7.
Clip from the new season of Entourage

Q: Speaking of challenges, your character deals with a huge one -- replacing Lloyd. How does Jake's approach to Ari compare with Lloyd's?

A: I have a higher tolerance because I'm fresh off the boat. I'm willing to take a few more punches before I start to get riled up or lash out. I'm more of the young, up-and-comer who's trying to impress and do everything right. I'll give a little bit of attitude if I have to.

If Lloyd has been Ari's work wife, Jake will be his work son. There's a bit of a mentoring relationship at times; Ari takes Jake under his wing at some points, but then the hammer comes down.

Q: Were you anticipating an Ari attitude from Jeremy Piven? What's working with him like?

A: The way he just goes and goes and goes while we're shooting this stuff -- it's inspirational. But he's so much more mellow in real life than he is on the show.

Q: Your executive producer, Mark Whalberg, has been talking about an "Entourage" movie. What do you think of bringing the show to the big screen?

A: I think it would be awesome. It's long overdue. With the larger scope that they brought to this season, with the stunts and the apocalyptic angle, with the tone that they're setting now, it could be big and bad ass.

Q: Is there anything you'd hate to see happen?

A: If Johnny Drama is still out of a job by the time "Entourage" is done, that would just be criminal.

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