When Family TV Time Turns Extremely Awkward

So: do you research and figure out what you can laugh off. (Penises and sexual lotion jokes may not fall in that category -- that's OK!) If you're spending the holidays with extended family and friends, you might want to ask them to do the same.

"If you happen to be the parent with stricter rules and everyone's watching 'Wedding Crashers' and you're not comfortable with your 8-year-old watching that, you need to say, 'If the family chooses to do this, then we're going to go in another room," Kaslow said. "It will mean compromise, it will mean negotiation."

Both of which sound like better options than employing the "ninja-like reflexes" that one Singapore resident, who asked not to be named, used to shield his grandmother from a lesbian love scene in "Femme Fatale." (It was bad enough when his mom walked in on him watching the movie.)

"I nervously thought about reaching for the remote and changing the channel, but that would be awkward," he said. "I could tell mom was a bit uneasy as well as neither of us was moving."

"Then, the door to the living room opened and my grandmother walked in. With ninja-like reflexes, both mom and I reached for the remote and changed it before she had a chance to look at the TV. Phew."

Have you experienced a moment of total awkwardness while watching something with your family? Share your story in the comments section.

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