What Fans Expect for New 'Star Wars' Movies


Tracy Duncan, who runs and writes for ClubJade.net, a website dedicated to mostly female fans

"I'm still flabbergasted by the announcement. As a fandom we've been denying that a sequel trilogy would ever happen for years if not decades, so to call this a shock would be an understatement."

"What I'm hoping for from this is an all new, fresh take on the 'Star Wars' saga, which still has so much potential. There are existing stories in books and comics that take us decades past 'Return of the Jedi,' but I don't think any of them are exactly suited to be an Episode 7 or above. They are very much creatures of their medium, and I don't think a cinematic take on them would be in Disney's best interests. Still, there are plenty of great characters and ideas in the books that could be used in movies, and I'd rather see them repurposed than completely abandoned."

"Outside of the actual episodes, I can see Pixar taking popular sideline characters from the books, like Luke's (eventual) wife Mara Jade or the ever-popular Boba Fett (yes, he survived the Sarlacc!) and creating side stories around them."

"I'm never fond of pre-casting these things, but I'd love to see a 'Star Wars' movie with an unquestioned female lead -- Luke's granddaughter, perhaps? And I can't help but notice that the star of 'Revenge,' Emily VanCamp, does look a bit like Natalie Portman."

Pablo Hidalgo, who writes a blog for the official "Star Wars" website

"My first thought went to that 1990 article with its seven scant paragraphs that promised new movies. When George(Lucas) talked about the future of 'Star Wars,' over 20 years ago, he was at Walt Disney World. It was destiny. The will of the Force at work.

"At this point, I don't know many specifics, but boy can I speculate. It's what 'Star Wars' fans do best, after all. I'm just thrilled they're happening, and that 'Star Wars' is returning to the big screen where it belongs."

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