'Friends with Benefits:' Fun on the Big Screen, Not So Much in Real Life


"The rest of the semester pretty much revolved around getting early to class, doing our group assignments and once her mother left, it was back to my dorm room, or somewhere in the library. Sometimes I still wonder what became of her, since I later found out she in fact had a boyfriend the entire time. But we agreed to be friends with benefits and nothing more." -- Alani.

The Former FWB Who Still Wants to Sext

"Being the naive little baby I was, I agreed to these terms: We could sleep with together whenever he wanted. And when he wanted to have sex, I obediently obliged. Things went on like that for a while. And by a while, I mean nearly two years. Not even joking. Funny part is: Now that we're apart I'll still get texts from him asking for nude pictures. No dice, buddy." -- Asuka.

The Friend Turned Deadbeat Dad

"I had a best friend/co-worker for several years at our job. I was intrigued by his diverse educational/talented background. He was a teacher/inventor/and musical artist with recorded CDs. He was also a dedicated single dad who doted on his little girl. Everything about him seemed attractive and desirable, and as my abusive marriage began to crumble and my husband and I separated, my relationship with my platonic best friend/co-worker quickly escalated into a steamy hot, romantic, intimate 'friendship' with no strings attached but plenty of benefits!

"For a few years it felt like the 'real' relationship I'd been praying for and lacking in my marriage. Then, in one blissful night filled with passion, adult beverages and broken protection, my best friend gave me one of my most precious treasures. We had a son together although he would have no part in the pregnancy or birth or in the last four years of our sons life. He hems and haws at the idea of a paternity test. I'd say that qualifies as a 'trainwreck.'" -- Nicole.

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