Sometimes, Celebrity Diets Are Too Good to Be True

Even "over the hill," Aniston is still looking fabulous. Recently, Gerard Butler, her co-star in "The Bounty Hunter," said that Aniston "has the best legs in Hollywood."

Aniston credits a mixture of the Zone Diet and regular exercise in the form of cardio and yoga for her figure.

In the GQ article, she said that by sticking to the Zone Diet, with occasional splurges, she keeps her body photo-spread ready.

The Zone Diet, created by Dr. Barry Sears, tells followers to eat a 40:30:30 ratio of carbs, proteins and fats.

Lawrence believes the zone diet is too high in proteins.

"You don't need more than 10 percent of your diet to be proteins," Lawrence said. "Bringing it up to 30 percent is unnecessary. There is also a big difference in plant-based proteins and animal-based proteins. The plant-based proteins like nuts and beans are superior to the animal-based proteins. It has been proven multiple times that cultures with high animal-based protein diets have an increased risk of heart disease."

Kelly Osborne -- The Bar Method

The chubby girl from reality TV's "The Osbournes" is no more.

Kelly Osbourne, 25, was featured on the cover of Us Weekly last month for dropping more than 40 pounds. The starlet, whose parents are Ozzy and Sharon, has been dropping weight since appearing on last season's "Dancing with the Stars." Osbourne said she achieved her new figure by controlling her diet and using a dance-based exercise program called the bar method.

According to the the routine is a mixture of ballet and Pilates. The workout "creates a uniquely lean, firm, sculpted body" by using "the body-elongating practice of dance conditioning."

Lawrence said that the most important thing is to just get up and move.

"As far as exercise is concerned," Lawrence said, "just walk. Find a way to fit walking into your lifestyle. Remember that you are never going to lose a lot of weight through exercise. You will lose the weight by changing your diet, but exercise is going to keep it off."

Osbourne told Us Weekly that she used to weigh almost 160 pounds and despite being in and out of drug rehab three times, the weight was all that was talked about.

"I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict," Osbourne told Us Weekly. "I will never understand that."

Osbourne also keeps a very positive attitude when it comes to weight loss. She doesn't call her weight-loss plan a diet. Instead, she told Us Weekly, it is "a commitment to a life change."

Kate Winslet -- The Facial Analysis Diet

Just five years before her Oscar win in 2008, Winslet gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but kept the more-than-50 pounds she gained while pregnant.

That is, until she met nutritionist Elizabeth Gibaud, who had a revolutionary way for losing weight -- to look at your face.

"I look for markings, facial color and skin texture," Gibaud told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "This tells me which minerals are lacking."

For example, according to Gibaud, open pores means there is too much acid in your system, and having stress lines means you are lacking mineral salt.

In her book, "The Facial Anayalsis Diet," Gibraud outlines the six face categories that most people fall into and then lists the foods to eat and the foods to avoid. The book promises that if you modify your diet based on your specific face category, you will see results.

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