Inside the Life of a Celebrity 'Poker Madam'


“This was 2008, you know. The economy was falling apart, spiraling,” Bloom said. “And I was hosting a game in New York, and there was $5- to $7 million on the table.”

Aside from tips, Bloom also began demanding a cut of every pot and, for the first time, she also crossed a line into organized crime. When she declined two mobsters’ demand for a piece of her illicit activity, according to Bloom, she was beaten up by someone they sent to her apartment.

“I was deep. Almost one of my first thoughts after he left was, ‘How am I going to fix my face before the next game?’” Bloom said.

Eventually, the FBI raided one of Bloom’s games.

“And I wasn’t at that game, and that was terrifying,” Bloom said. “I logged into my bank accounts and they were all seized, all frozen. So that was a pretty clear indication that I was in big trouble.”

Bloom fled to Colorado, where she hid for two years, writing a book titled “Molly’s Game,” about her journey through the poker world of billionaires and poker, until the FBI finally caught up with her.

After her experience of observing the game of poker, Bloom offered this advice to poker players: “Know when to fold. Pay attention to the signs. They’re there.”

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