Everything you need to know about 'Iron Fist'

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Walt Hickey said it best -- "You've got questions, we've got answers."

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The pop culture guru together with ABC News hosted a Marvel special as the "Iron Fist" series hits Netflix today. Iron Fist is a familiar character in the comics, but unlike Daredevil or even Iron Man, he is one that many casual fans might not know much about.

So, before you start streaming today, here's what Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso and Ed Brisson, one of the authors of the current Iron Fist series, had to say. Obviously there are some differences between the books and shows, but this gives insight into the character.

Back story

Iron Fist was one of the first Kung Fu superheroes and came out of the 1970s.

"He's a perfect fusion of martial arts and superpowers," Alonso said.

His origin story is familiar, but with a twist. Danny Rand was the son of a billionaire and as a young boy saw both his father and mother die. His father's death was at the hands of a business partner, against whom the son vows revenge.

Rand eventually finds solace in the magical kingdom of K'un L'un and begins his training at a very young age. As one of the best students there, he is given a shot at becoming the Iron Fist.

His powers

You have to suspend reality a bit here. Rand was given the powers of the Iron Fist by defeating a dragon, Shou-Lao the Undying.

"This is a power that was earned, it wasn't bestowed upon him," Alonso said, explaining how this character is so unique. "It wasn't a radioactive spider or gamma radiation."

The dragon tattoo on Rand's chest came as a result of his fight with Shou-Lao.

When he focuses his powers, he can punch his way through almost anything. But as he is trained in the martial arts, he's also compassionate and smart.

"He's not like Tony Stark [Iron Man]. he's not as mercurial, vain or egotistical," Alonso said. "He's looking to do good in the world and he has this other life as Iron Fist."

In the books, when Iron Fist has a chance for revenge, he chooses not to kill his father's ex-business partner upon seeing that the man has already suffered, and instead channels his sympathy and compassion.

Heroes for Hire

Rand, along with his dear friend Luke Cage, is part of the Heroes for Hire, one of the most beloved and iconic groups in Marvel history. He's also part of the Defenders, which you'll get to see on Netflix this year and which includes the likes of Fist, Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

But it's Iron Fist's friendship with Cage that's really special. The two couldn't be more different, one black and one white, one rich and one poor. But over decades, the two have looked past their differences and been best friends fighting crime together.

"Danny Rand throws the most potent punch in the Marvel universe, and who's better equipped to take that punch than Luke Cage?" Alonso said. "You've got an orphan guy who is looking for friends."

PHOTO: Comic book hero, Luke Cage, in the pages of Marvel Comics.Marvel Comics
Comic book hero, Luke Cage, in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Alonso said "Power Man and Iron Fist" is one of the original "buddy books."

"There's a very special chemistry between Danny and Luke," he added. "It's sustained them past the decades of the '70s ... They found magic in their pairing."

This should be interesting to watch in "The Defenders" -- that chemistry between Mike Colter, who plays Cage, and Finn Jones, your Iron Fist.

"Friendship transcends the material ... there's something common about their souls," Alonso said.

His cast of villains

Rand doesn't have your typical Joker or Thanos to battle; he's got some really unique villains who are germane to his world and his character.

As Hickey put it, the Iron Fist fights street-level crime in New York, which may include just gang or drug violence, or it may be bigger.

"There's the Steel Serpent, who is from K'un L'un as well," Alonso said. "He's gone up against The Hand, with their endless supply of ninja warriors [which you've seen in the "Daredevil" Netflix series]. Many people don't know this, but Sabretooth [a major Wolverine villain] actually first appeared in Iron Fist."

In the show, it will be Rand's journey to get back his family business and more early on that viewers will see.

Iron Fist, the man behind the team

Like Tony Stark, Rand has a lot of money to spend in order to protect his home, New York and beyond.

"Rand has bankrolled an Avengers team," Hickey said.

This could also play a role in "The Defenders," in which Iron Fist teams up with Cage, Jones and Murdock, none of whom has two dimes to rub together. Their good deeds could be elevated to new heights with Rand's deep pockets.

Marvel and ABC News are both part of parent company Disney. For even more about Iron Fist both on and off the screen, watch the full interview above!

"Iron Fist" is available for streaming now on Netflix.