Jack Antonoff Will Fly You First Class, But Breakfast Is on His Mom

PHOTO: Rachel Antonoff and Jack Antonoff attend the Rachel Antonoff Spring 2013 presentation at the Drive In Studios, Sept. 8, 2012, in New York.

Despite his new-found pop stardom, guitarist and songwriter Jack Antonoff is still a regular guy. His childhood bedroom remains largely untouched and intact. He has retained an impressive collection of "Star Wars" movie memorabilia. He has bad teeth. And like your high school boyfriend, he often conveniently "forgets" his wallet at home.

A profile of the 30-year-old fun. guitarist and Bleachers band member in New York Magazine reveals that Antonoff is surprisingly stingy when it comes to carbohydrates.

When he and a writer for the magazine head over to meet his mom at a local lunch spot, Antonoff doesn't bother bringing cash: "Don't worry about it. We can get my mom to pay."

She did. But Shira Antonoff and her husband insist Jack assumes some responsibility for his dental care.

"We got the last bill. Your mouth is costing a ton of money," his mother said.

Generously fulfilling her familial obligation as his older sister, Rachel Antonoff is quick to call him out.

The designer and indie-darling confirmed: "He has this thing he does -- 'I didn't bring my wallet.' I think he just values things staying the same. He's not cheap; he’s actually very generous. He'll take you somewhere and fly you first class. But he'll still never pay for the bagels."

The man clearly has not forgotten what all millennials know. Food tastes better when your parents are the ones footing the bill.

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