Jane Seymour Shares Her Secrets to Aging Gracefully

PHOTO: Jane Seymour attends the 13th annual AARPs Movies For Grownups Awards gala at Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Feb. 10, 2014, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

By now, we've all seen those amazing photos of Jane Seymour in a bikini.

Now, she's sharing how she got that body.

"Well, I work out but not obsessively. ... I do a combination of spinning, Pilates, gyrotonics and light weights," the former Bond Girl, 62, told E! News. "I eat everything in moderation and I grow organic food and I tend to eat from the garden."

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Seymour, who once admitted to trying Botox and hating it, also said that she's equally low-maintenance about her skincare regimen. In addition to doing her own makeup, she eschews facials, preferring instead to take care of her skin herself.

"I've chosen to let my wrinkles express their feelings," she said. "I play characters that need to have a face that moves!"

"Well, a lot of women just give up at a certain point," she added of women who become obsessed with aging. "And I've had three full-term pregnancies including a C-section and I'm not obsessively working out or doing any of the above, but I think if you do everything in moderation and you decide the size you want to be and within 10 pounds stay there, it's possible."

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