Inside Jasmine Fiore's, Ryan Jenkins' Volatile Vegas Relationship

PHOTO Ryan Alexander Jenkins, the reality TV contestant charged with murdering his wife, model Jasmine Fiore, was found dead Sunday in a Canadian motel.

Friends of murdered swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore and her reality-star husband, Ryan Jenkins, say the couple led a volatile Las Vegas lifestyle, filled with partying, gambling and drinking -- as well as drama -- until the violent end.

"Jasmine was playing poker with a big group of friends at the Hilton Hotel," a source with knowledge of Fiore's last night alive told "She was being very rude and kept putting Ryan down. It was really awkward. She has a cutting sense of humor. He was getting really angry, and it totally set the tone for the rest of the evening."

VIDEO: Jasmine Fiores mother, Lisa Lepore, discusses her daughters death.

"Afterwards, everyone went to the Ivy for drinks," the source continued. "She spent an enormous amount of time in the bathroom on the phone. She was also sniffling a lot, provoking some of the girls to ask her if she was all right. She said she was fine and winked, and they assumed the sniffling and constant nose blowing was because she was doing cocaine. Ryan started asking who she was on the phone with, and she said her mom. It was 12:30 at night, and she was not on the phone with her mom. Jasmine and Ryan had a blow-out fight in front of everyone. He kept screaming, 'Who were you talking to?'" Friends say they finally left the club at about 130 in the morning.

Jenkins, a suspect in his wife's grisly murder, was found Sunday hanging from a coat rack in a Canadian motel room, after leading police on a massive manhunt following the Aug. 15 discovery of Fiore's mutilated body.

In an extensive interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Marta Montoya, a close friend of Fiore, agreed that she and Jenkins often hit rough patches, characterizing the couple's relationship as explosive from the time they met in March at a club and eloped days later.

"They were always kissing, making out in public -- or they were always fighting. It never seemed to be balanced," said Montoya, a sometime-model and aesthetician.

She also described Fiore as a "good person" who succumbed to the vices of Vegas.

"I think Vegas changed her," she said. "She just got out of control."'s source agreed.

"She definitely partook in the Vegas party scene way more than he did, and it often made him jealous," the source said. "Also, the more wasted she got, the more angry a person she became, and the meaner her jokes. It was emasculating for him."

Jasmine Fiore Was Smart and Savvy

Montoya said Fiore and Jenkins would drink excessively, then behave badly. Once, she said, Jenkins lifted up Fiore's dress and pulled down her top, exposing her at a nightclub. "Jasmine just let it happen," Montoya said. "It was tasteless. It was tactless. It was disgusting."

Another time, Montoya said, Fiore started making out with another man at a party while Jenkins' back was turned. Jenkins turned around and threw his wife into the pool.

But Fiore's mother, Lisa Lepore, told that her daughter was never out of control.

"Everybody parties in Vegas," said Lepore, who lives on the Hawaiian island of Maui but described her relationship with her daughter as "exceptionally, extremely close."

"Of course, she partied all over the place, but she wasn't out of control," Lepore added. "You weren't going to find her in jail."

Lepore described her daughter as smart and savvy – someone who could hold her own with men.

"She was just a kick-ass kind of girl," she said. "She could hang with the boys and duke it out if she had to."

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