Jenny McCarthy and Charlie Sheen?


Earlier this year, Hall battled Hodgkin's lymphoma. "He needs to figure out what his needs are now. Now that you no longer have cancer, you're no longer a married person, who are you? Men don't take enough time to figure that out.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

Reynolds needs to find someone who can be on the same schedule with him, Casey said. "Either a way bigger star than him or someone who's not a star at all," she added.

Sandra Bullock, Reynolds' co-star in "The Proposal," certainly fits the bill for the former. The two apparently formed a close friendship on the set and are ready to team up for a new action comedy that will be Bullock's first film since she divorced ex-husband Jesse James.

The two appear to be natural cut-ups and can make each other laugh. They also share a belief in keeping their private lives private.

"In theory, they sound like a great couple," Casey said, "but Sandra Bullock needs to take some real time out of the dating ring and really refocus her life."

Bullock, who has said she's happy being a single mom to adopted son Louis, appears to be doing that. Casey said the next guy in her life, after her scandalous breakup with James, will most likely be a "starter guy," followed by "the real deal."

So Reynolds may have to wait, which could give them both time to mend broken hearts and for people to forget the show-stealing kiss between Johansson and Bullock at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

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