Jodie Foster Accused of Battery by Photographer

Jodie Foster's carefully constructed wall of privacy was punctured recently by a 17-year-old shutterbug who accused the actress of attacking him after he snapped a photo of her with her two sons at a Los Angeles shopping center.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed for that there is "an ongoing investigation of a misdemeanor battery" but would not release any details.

According to the New York Times, the young photographer filed a police report after the May 29 incident claiming that Foster, 47, had poked him in the chest and grabbed his left arm, causing visible injury.

Foster's spokesperson fought back, telling People magazine that the young man was really "a professional paparazzo." The spokesperson told US Weekly that the actress had merely "touched him on the elbow in an attempt to take him aside to talk to him and tell him to stop."

VIDEO: LAPD report claims Jodie Foster grabbed a 17-year-old photographer.
Jodie Foster Accused of Battery

In any case, the incident has put Foster, one of Hollywood's most private actresses, and her overzealous protection of her personal life under media scrutiny. Single mother to Charles, 11, and Kit, 8, the two-time Academy Award winning actress is intensely guarded about her private life.

"Having grown up a child star, Jodie's always put up an extra wall of privacy around her," Village Voice columnist Michael Musto told "Being obsessed by John Hinckley Jr. understandably drove her deeper into self-consciousness and trepidation. On top of that, she's extremely protective of her sons. The photographer apparently trailed her and her kids, and that may have pushed her into overreacting."

Jodie Foster and her sons Charles and Kit in Tokyo in 2008.

According to an unofficial police report, obtained by RadarOnline, the incident occured between 1:50 and 2 p.m. in the valet parking lot of The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles.

"Vict while at The Grove saw susp and began to take pics of susp with his camera then walked to the valet area of The Grove," the report reads. "Susp followed vict, poked him on his chest, grabbed vict by his left arm causing visible injury."

Jodie Foster Accused of Battery

The 17-year-old, whose name has not been released publicly, described the suspect as "Jody Foster," wearing blue jeans and a brown shirt. He lists her weapon as "bodily force."

His father, who asked to remain anonymous, spoke to RadarOnline. He denied that his son was a professional photographer -- the police report lists his occupation as student -- and said his son was nothing more than a fan.

"My son was at The Grove with his girlfriend and they were going to see a movie. He saw Jodie Foster and is a big fan so went over and took a picture of her," the father said. "She came after him, poked him in the chest and said, 'Do you even have a mother you slime ball?'"

"Jodie pushed and shoved him leaving scratches and bruises on his arm," the father said.

He said his son was confused and apologized profusely to the actress. "He didn't mouth back at all and was scared of her," the father said. "At one point Jodie's son even came over to my son and apologized. Her kids were really embarrassed."

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