Kate Gosselin Dances Into 35, but Can She Stay on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Unfortunately, one thing the show could no longer "do" was generate ratings -- "Jon & Kate Plus 8's" ratings took a dive with the Aug. 3 episode; the free-fall continued through September. According to TVbytheNumbers.com, 4.2 million people watched "Jon & Kate Pus 8" on Aug. 3, compared with 10.6 million on June 22. That number fell to 1.7 million by Sept. 21.

Sept. 29, 2009: Woman on top. Amid "Jon & Kate Plus 8's" plummeting ratings, TLC announced it would drop Jon from the show and give Kate Gosselin top billing with a series focused solely on her and the kids, the aptly-named "Kate Plus 8." Jon Gosselin hindered those plans when he accused TLC of violating child labor laws and forbade the network to film his children. In February, Jon Gosselin and the network settled their differences (TLC had filed a breach-of-contract suit against him) which meant Kate Gosselin and the kids could be back on TV soon.

Oct. 5, 2009: Bye-bye bling ... and bank account? After keeping her wedding band on her hand through the summer for fear of upsetting her brood, Kate Gosselin revealed on the "Today" show that she's shopping for finger flair devoid of association with her ex.

"[The kids and I] discussed a ring I might buy," she said. "It has eight little diamonds and a mother of pearl." She also accused Jon Gosselin of cleaning out the couple's joint bank account, saying "he took $230,000 of the $231,000 we had." While her estranged husband initially claimed he was entitled to the money, a judge ordered him the next week to return $180,000 to the account.

Nov. 23, 2009: "Bittersweet" end to show gone bad. "Jon & Kate Plus 8" ended not with a bang, but with a whimper. After nearly three years on the air, TLC pulled the plug on the series with a final episode that featured the Gosselins musing about their family's future. During the show, Kate Gosselin called the finale "bittersweet" and said she's not ready to step out of the spotlight: "I never had a clear picture of how it would end. It's too soon."

Dec. 18, 2009: Married mom no more. Divorce papers signed, Kate Gosselin put her union with Jon Gosselin in the past.

"I am very relieved that our divorce has been finalized, and I look forward to the new year, focusing on our children" and "restructuring our lives," she said in a statement.

Jan. 6, 2010: New year, new 'do. Days after ringing in 2010, Kate Gosselin sidled up to Ted Gibson's salon to revamp her look. The process was anything but cut and dry. She reportedly spent 20 hours in the chair to transform her signature spiky bob into a head of flowing blond locks, courtesy of hair extensions worth $7,000.

"It's good to have hair again," she told People magazine. "I know this will be more upkeep than my old look, but I'm ready for it."

Feb. 8, 2010: Hitting the books, again. Kate Gosselin announced she's penning a third tome about her brood, already the subject of two books. "I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family" is scheduled for release April 13.

"Each day the thought crosses my mind that when they get older, my kids are going to look back and think about how they were raised," Kate Gosselin said in a statement. "I know they will have a lot of questions about things that may not make sense because they were raised so unconventionally. I don't want them to grow up and wonder; I want them to know without a shadow of a doubt how much I love them and how much every sacrifice made was worth it for them."

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