Kate Gosselin Resolves to Find a Man in 2011

VIDEO: In Touch Weeklys Amy Palmer on possible celebrity buzz in 2011.

It's that time of year when celebrities and mere mortals resolve to be better, do better.

For celebrities ending the year single, 2011 represents a fresh start for romance. Just ask Kate Gosselin. Popeater's Rob Shuter told ABC News that the single mom of eight has resolved to "find a new man" next year.

Earlier in the year, Shuter spoke to a Gosselin confidant who told him, "She thinks she is a fantastic catch. Not only does she think she has never looked better, Kate also now has a ton of money. As far as she's concerned, there is nothing not to like. She's beautiful, rich and thinks of herself as very easy to get along with."

We'll have to wait and see if Gosselin's New Year's resolution comes true. Meantime, Kim Kardashian has vowed to stay single in 2010. Since her breakup with NFL star Reggie Bush, Kardashian has been linked to Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry, singer John Mayer and current flame New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries.

But she told Rachael Ray that after turning 30, she's ready to take a break from relationships. "I want to try to be single my whole year of being 30," Kardashian said on Ray's Show. "I've never just dated and done whatever I wanted."

Just as most resolutions get broken within weeks of the new year, Kardashian acknowledges that she may not stick to her pledge.

"I've made a promise to myself and I'm really trying hard to stick to it, but I'm such a hopeless romantic that it's hard," she explained. "I don't think that's going to last because that's just how I am. But the fact that I'm trying is a big step for me."

Here's some other promises celebrities have made for the coming year:

Selena Gomez

Life is good for 18-year-old Disney singing and acting sensation Selena Gomez, who's rumored to be dating Justin Bieber. No surprise then that her wish for 2011 is to have more of the same.

"I hope to continue to do what I love," she told ABCNews.com. "I love my job. Next year I'm doing my first headlining tour, so I'm very excited to design it and sketch it out and wear fun costumes. So, I don't know -- I hope it's a good year."


The pioneering plus-size model vows to enjoy her present life more.

"My one New Year's Resolution is be present, not to fall back into the past or get tripped up with what the future can bring," she told ABCNews.com. "To be in the here and now with my family, friends and professional life."

Deepak Chopra

Rather than make just one annual resolution, the spiritual guru takes inventory of his life every few months.

"I take stock every three or four months," he told the Los Angeles Times. "Every four months or so, I take a week off to be in total silence, to look back and see what I should be looking at in the future. For me, it would be a quarterly ritual."

As for that annual tradition of making a resolution: "I think no one ever keeps them, so a while ago I started saying my New Year's resolution is no resolution. Because everybody joins the gym and they stop going after three weeks; everybody goes on a diet, but they never keep the diets. So I don't think much of New Year's resolutions."

Nicole Kidman

Like Chopra, actress Nicole Kidman doesn't make resolutions.

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