Kevin Bacon Shares His Pre-Internet Tips

PHOTO: Actor Kevin Bacon speaks onstage at "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon: A Social Phenomenon Turns 20" during the 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival at Austin Convention Center on March 8, 2014.

Kevin Bacon wants kids today to know there were times when guys couldn't pick up a girl on Facebook or Twitter.

In a new video by Mashable, the "Following" actor said, "Oh Hi, I'm two-time Saturn Award nominee Kevin Bacon and I would like to talk to you about 80's Awareness."

He added, "Awareness of 80's culture and technology has been in a significant decline. Especially amongst a certain demographic. I'm talking to you millennials!"

Bacon, 55, adds that life was hard for a guy born before 1985.

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"If I was too shy to ask out a girl, there was no OK Twinder," he says, referring to online dating sites. "I went to the White Pages - Google it - and [I] called her house. And then you had to make small talk with her mom for like 20 minutes before Alisha even came to the phone."

He also talked about pre-Internet rejection.

"Let me tell you, when she turns down your invitation to Sbarros, you can't just swipe away the hurt," he said. "You want to know my favorite app -- Rubik's Cube!"

Finally, Bacon continues to educate the youth about the Cold War and Russia.

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