The Making of Marine 'Call Me Maybe' Video in Afghanistan


"I barely had the words out of my mouth," he says, laughing, "and they were like, 'Yup, I'll go first."

As soon as the hour was up, they were back to fixing the jet in the background.

The next group, outside near a C-130 plane, proved more of a challenge. "They hadn't really been told what it was being asked of them," Raum says.

When they tried explaining the concept, the troops gave them a puzzled stare, one of those, "Is this for real?" kind of moments.

But orders were orders. And the Marine commander had given explicit orders that everyone was to do whatever Raum and Moresi requested. So they did.

"They said, 'If our sergeant says we're going to dance, teach us the moves, we're going to dance.'"

The end result, a three-minute video posted to YouTube, already has 72,000 views and has all the makings of a viral hit. Among the highlights: Five marines singing while on a shooting range, an airman doing the robot and another doing the "Batman" move John Travolta made famous in Pulp Fiction.

The video is winning rave reviews. In response to Raum's blog on Facebook, one poster wrote "I love it ... props to all of you for being able to do that in such little time; I shared it ?.. everyone loved it, and thanks for making our day ;)."

Another commenter on YouTube had a different twist:

"This should be a recruitment video," the poster wrote.

But Raum was worried the images would make it look like troops in Kandahar had nothing better to do than shoot lip-dub videos, something that couldn't be further from the truth.

"This war's been going on for so many years," he says. "People are starting to get de-sensitized, us having troops here and what that means. These are still our kids and sons and daughters.

"In the video, they're having fun and if that makes you smile, great," he adds. "They'll know they're doing their job well."

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