'Mama's Boys' Live at Home 'Cause Mama Knows Best

But is staying at home with the folks for decades a healthy way to live?

Terry Real, a family therapist, said these "Mama's Boys" are classic Romeos who may not realize their bachelor days have an expiration date.

"The job in your 30s and 40s is having a family, lifting yourself up out of your selfishness, being there for your wife and your kids. It's good for you. It's about growth and development and depth, and if you stay at this other level, you're doomed to superficiality for the rest of your life," Real said.

Pairulli insisted that he would much rather live at home than in a bachelor pad. While he doesn't have a curfew, his mother does seem to check up on him.

"I have brought a girl here, but the [bedroom] door has to stay open," Pairulli said. "If I close the door, my mother opens the door. The girl has to leave at a certain time at night. So even if I try to sneak them in the door, it ain't happening. They hear everything."

But let's face it, who would want to give up maid service and gourmet meal accommodations? Besides, mama knows best.

"Mama's Boys of The Bronx" premieres April 9 on TLC.

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