Dr. Conrad Murray Was Talking on Phone to Waitress as Michael Jackson Was Dying, Prosecutors Say


"He was glad that he was the one that was picked to take on such a big role. He said if I wanted to, that he was going to fly me up there to meet Michael, and meet the kids," she said of Murray.

Murray Left Anding Big Tips, Gave Gifts

Anding and Murray met while she was working at a Houston steakhouse.

"The first thing he said to me was, 'You are too beautiful to be waiting on people -- at a place like this,'" Anding said.

"I thought he was very nice. He was very friendly. He's a good person," she added.

She said he would leave her hundreds of dollars in cash for tips, and gave her a cell phone, a spa treatment, a dress and cash -- all totaling about $2,000. She went to dinner with him twice.

Despite her anger at finding out he lied to her, Anding said she doesn't think Murray is capable of manslaughter in Jackson's death.

"Not at all," she said.

Anding has testified about the conversation in court, and claimed that she felt threatened by one of Murray's girlfriends while she was there.

The woman kept saying her name, over and over, and said she felt like "being very some evil." Anding was so rattled by the woman's comments that she asked to be removed from the holding room.

She also said she knew nothing about the medical treatments that Murray was administering to Jackson.

She said Murray never mentioned helping Jackson sleep, never mentioned the anesthetic propofol, and never talked about administering medical attention to Jackson in the pop star's home.

Anding says she'll testify in the upcoming trial if she's called.

Murray faces trial on involuntary manslaughter charges.

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