What are Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa Doing?

PHOTO: In this file photo, Kelly Ripa, left, and Michael Strahan, right, are pictured on Nov. 19, 2013 in New York City.

There's a new viral trend called "Riccing."

Christina Ricci decided to shove herself into a refrigerator last November and show the world her accomplishment of fitting into such a small space. The Internet took notice.

"Yes, pants would have been more appropriate fitting-into-fridge attire. But, hey, I saw my opportunity and took it," the actress tweeted next to a pic as proof.

She also posted a pic of her fitting into a clothes dryer, saying, "Being small does have its benefits however. Look out for my new photo series, 'I Can Fit In That!'"

After Ricci was on "Live With Michael and Kelly" earlier in the week, the hosts of the show took a stab at Riccing.

"Kelly fits in tiny places! #Riccing under her desk. Christina Ricci," Ripa posted.

"Look who else fits in tiny places!! Lol Michael #Riccing under a table. #ChristinaRicci," Strahan added with a smiling pic trying to fit.

There's a slew of other people attempting the manuever on Twitter and Instagram.

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