'SuperHeavy' on Talent: Mick Jagger's Supergroup Talks About Meshing Beats for Debut Album


"Earrings?" asked Stone.

"Yeah, big earrings," Jagger said. "And everyone will cheer."

While a new Rolling Stones album is a rare sight these days, a Jagger tribute track popped up on Maroon 5's album, "Hands All Over," released last year. The song is called "Moves Like Jagger," and the music video is a montage of Jagger concert antics.

"Oh, yes. Their song about me, my moves. That's very flattering," Jagger told Roberts.

During the interview, the musicians joked with Roberts about getting up early every day to do the upbeat morning show, "Good Morning America."

When Roberts mentioned she had been up since 3:45 a.m., Jagger said, "I can get the 'don't go to bed till 3:45.' I was doing that the other night. But getting up [at 3:45] is..."

"That's rough," Stone agreed.

"It's funny," Stewart said. "Because, you know, 'Good Morning America' strikes the fear of dread into musicians, because the first thing they think is --"

"It's the early morning," Stone said.

"Because it's so alien to do music and singing and performing at that time," Stewart said.

What's amazing about 68-year-old Jagger, Stewart added, is his rigorous adherence to exercise and healthy eating, "yet he still goes wild."

"He manages to do it all," he said.

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