7 Moments in Paris Hilton's Music Video That Will Make Tween Girls Drool

PHOTO: Paris Hilton seen here in her new video posted to YouTube, "Come Alive."YouTube
Paris Hilton seen here in her new video posted to YouTube, "Come Alive."

Paris Hilton's luxurious lifestyle has always been somewhat fantastical.

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However, scenes in her new video -- replete with a unicorn -- make even her jet-set life seem banal.

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"Because I wanted the music video to be a fantasy dream world and just be frilly and magical, and I think the unicorn is the epitome of magical creatures—and I’ve always wanted to have one," she told Vice. "I do have a little pony named Lady Coco Chanel, but if I had a unicorn, I would probably just name her Princess Unicorn."

These scenes in the 4 minute video will undoubtedly inspire envy in the hearts of tween girls everywhere:

1. Field Frolicking: The video starts out with Hilton, 33, frolicking in a field wearing a long, flowing skirt, her hair loose. Everything looks pink. It's a tween's dreamworld.

2. Angel Wings: As a stark contrast, we then see Hilton in an ice-blue sparkly ensemble, capped off with huge white wings. Imagine the most ornate angel Halloween costume you can. Yep, that's it.

3. The Pink Cloud: At the 43-second mark, we see Hilton relaxing in a fluffy pink cloud, wearing a crown of flowers and a sparkly bikini top. Is that the same skirt from the field?

4. Diamonds and Flowers: Throughout, we see roses blooming and Hilton wearing huge diamond studs. A few seconds later, check out her giant ring too. It's incredible that she can lift her hand with that thing.

5. The Best Swing Ever: At the 1:33 mark, Hilton, now wearing a more modest glittery bikini, is swinging on a swing of flowers. From a tree of flowers. It's actually really pretty. This is every girl's dream Instagram photo.

6. The Unicorn: In case it wasn't clear, not only is there a unicorn, but it's standing under a rainbow. (We first meet this creature around the 2:26 mark.) It also has a rainbow-colored mane. Hilton, wearing a sparkly full-length dress, is very tender with it.

7. Elsa, Is That You?: We've all been inundated with "Frozen" references, and it seems Hilton was too. At 2:39, she changes into a sexy-Elsa inspired blue leotard and matching skirt and is dancing in front of a giant crescent moon.