Oscars 2011: James Franco and Anne Hathaway Talk About Hosting Hollywood's Big Night


"My folks are super-duper excited. I mean, I have the best parents in the world. They're as excited for me hosting the Oscars as they were when I was the lead of the school play in high school," Hathaway said.

Despite their natural chemistry, the two co-hosts never met prior to working on the awards show. They got to ask each other questions they wanted to know about each other.

"This is the year of Hollywood pregnancies," said Franco. "So Anne Hathaway, when do you have dreams of getting married? Anytime soon or?"

"Are you asking, James? I have no plans to get married currently," she answered. "I'm getting to be an age where, yeah, I have to start thinking about motherhood. And-- 'cause I'd like to have a large family. So it's like I've got to have kids soon. So-- I'm imagining hopefully within the next five years I will be a mommy. I'd like that."

Hathaway then turned the tables on Franco.

"I have to think what Diane Sawyer would ask and I'm really bad at this," she said. "But I guess my question for you is you seem very unconcerned with conventions, like an actor is this, and a student is this, and an artist is this, and you seem to be a person who says I can combine all these into one being."

"For me, I've always had a lot of interests and our world is changing so quickly that there -- this is a time when different mediums are blending, technology is accessible now," he said. "And so people you know, we are fulfilling what Coppola said his dream was, that when, he said 'I'm waiting for the young girl in Iowa to make a movie in her backyard,' And this is that time."

"You are that young girl," said Hathaway to her co-host.

"That's right. You didn't know it Francis, but here I am."

The two laughed; signs of the fun that will be on full display Sunday night.

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