Prince William and Kate Middleton Talk About the Moment, the Ring, Children


William: Well, I was torn between asking Kate's dad first and then the realisation that he might actually say 'no' dawned upon me. So I thought if I ask Kate first then he can't really say no. So I did it that way round. And I managed to speak to Mike sort of soon after it happened really and then it sort of happened from there.

TB: Kate, what did your mum say?

Miss Middleton: I think as any mother would be she was absolutely over the moon. And actually we had quite an awkward situation because I knew and I knew that William had asked my father but I didn't know if my mother knew. So I came back from Scotland and my mother made it sort of … didn't make it clear to me whether she knew or not so both of us were there sort of looking at each other and feeling quite awkward about it. But it was amazing to tell her and obviously she was very happy for us.

TB: One of the things that has been clear for a long time is you very evidently have a close-knit family and family's very important to you.

Family is Important to Kate Middleton

Miss Middleton: Yes. It's very important to me you know. And I hope we will be able to have a happy family ourselves. Because it's been …they've been great over the years - helping me with difficult times. We see a lot of each other and they are very, very dear to me.

TB: People are bound to ask you know. It's a bit of an obvious question but, children, do you want lots of children? You, know see what comes? What's your..?

William: I think we'll take it one step at a time. We'll sort of get over the marriage first and then maybe look at the kids. But obviously we want a family so we'll have to start thinking about that.

TB: When did you first set eyes on each other and what did you think?

William: Going back to the start because I think people as I say will be very curious about the totality of your relationship. When did you first set eyes on each other and what did you think?

TB: Kate, what did you think of William. I mean it's clearly not quite the same as meeting your average you know university student, or maybe it was, I don't know. But what was your first impression?

Miss Middleton: Well I actually think I went bright red when I met you and sort of scuttled off, feeling very shy about meeting you. But um, actually William wasn't there for quite a bit of the time initially, he wasn't there for Freshers Week, so it did take a bit of time for us to get to know each other but we did become very close friends from quite early.

TB: There's a story that goes around that you had a picture of him on your wall.

William: There wasn't just one, there was about 20.

Miss Middleton: He wishes. No, I had the Levis guy on my wall, not a picture of William, sorry.

William: It was me in Levis honestly.

TB: So you lived … you ended up sort of in the same flat, was that if you don't mind me asking, was before you were going out or?

William: No we moved in together as friends because we were living together, we lived with a couple of others as well, and it just sort of blossomed from there really. We just saw more of each other, and you know hung out a bit more and did stuff. So um yeah.

Miss Middleton: You liked the cooking.

William: Well your cooking is alright. (Kate laughs) It's gotten better.

TB: Does William ever cook or indeed do anything useful around the house?

William: Define useful, Tom. (Laughing)

TB: Let's not go there.

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