Rihanna, Mariah's Over the Top Tour Requests

$200 bottles of wine, candles opulent by the standards of Elizabethan England and flowers, flowers, everywhere.

A luxury hotel suite? A top of the line spa? No, these sorts of accoutrements are de rigueur for the dressing rooms of the music industry's most well known divas and stars.

As Rihanna readies for next month's "Last Girl on Earth" world tour she's making sure the prepping area of every concert venue feels like home -- which is, apparently, a leopard-print haven littered with Archipelago Black Forest candles that cost $29 a pop.

According to the pop star's tour rider, obtained by the Smoking Gun, Rihanna's tastes are pretty particular. The gramatically questionable document details a litany of requests made by her tour promoter, including:

"1 -- 6ft comfortable couch – White, Cloth, Plush (No leather) (wide enough for her to stretch out on and sometimes take a nap)"

"6 Floor Lamps with DIMMERS"

"1 – Large throw rug – plush and animal print (Cheetah, Leopard)…must be CLEAN, as she will walk on it barefoot."

"6-8 -- Throw Pillows for Couches – Animal Print (Cheetah, Leopard)(NO sequins)"

"6 -- Candles -- Archipelago Black Forest candles (if you can't get these, please let me know ASAP as we have a 2nd choice of candle for Ri.)"

"Pipe and Drape the room in Dark Blue or Black Drapes with Icy Blue Chiffon draped nicely on top/over"

"4 – Small, clear, square vases with White Tulips, if in season – No Foliage (2nd choice: White Casablanca Lilies no foliage, 3rd choice: White Freesia no foliage)"

The rider also gives specific instructions for the overall presentation of Rihanna's dressing room:

"The lighting in this room should be adequate for a relaxed atmosphere i.e. table and floor lamps rather than overhead fluorescent. This room should be carpeted and the walls draped to cover lockers and/or bricks. This drape needs to be white or cover the pipe & drape with a white chiffon cloth. Please replace any broken or cracked fittings -- door locks, taps etc."

The document ends with an all-caps, bold, underlined, weirdly-phrased declaration about Rihanna's sanitary standards:


Of course, Rihanna's not alone in exhibiting exacting standards while on the road. The quirks of dozens of artists have been revealed through their tour riders.

"In their 1982 rider, Van Halen infamously wanted a bowl of M&Ms -- with all the brown ones picked out," said Andrew Goldberg, managing editor of the Smoking Gun, which showcases hundreds of crazy celebrity riders.

"Clearly, it was a test," he said. "If you put in something really odd -- like no brown M&Ms -- and they catch it, it means the promoters are paying attention. If they miss that, what other, more important points are they missing? Lighting, security, microphones, amps? For musicians, that's a big deal. If you don't pay attention to the little things, you may be missing the bigger things."

Quirky Celebrity Requests on Tour

Another diva making news with her super-specific requests: Mariah Carey. For her 2010 events, Carey has requested such luxuries as a $200 bottle of cabernet sauvignon, two dozen white roses and vanilla aromatherapy candles in her dressing room, according to a tour rider obtained by the Smoking Gun.

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