Armstrong Nephew Says 'Housewives' Should Go On, Premiere Pushed Back


"There are so many variables that we have absolutely no idea," Martin said of what could have driven his business partner to suicide. "I don't know what was going on in his mind at that point."

Armstrong Under Stress, In Debt Before Suicide

Armstrong, an investment banker and venture capitalist, was also more than $1.5 million in debt at the time of his death, and spending wildly, his lawyer told

"He didn't have any extra assets," Ronald Richards said about his client. "He was living month to month to support his lifestyle for Taylor."

At the time of his death, Armstrong was being sued by for misusing funds and breach of contract. But Richards said it was the pressure to one up the fellow "Real Housewives" personalities that really strained his finances.

"These couples join these shows, and then they keep trying to outdo each other and they end up spending all their money trying to sustain a lifestyle that's unrealistic and wasn't there prior to the show," he said. "The weekly social events, the dinners and all the BS, trying to pretend you have unlimited resources in Beverly Hills is tough. When every night is a potential sound bite or posting on a website, you end up getting addicted to it, you go out all the time."

Kelsoe, who described his family as "still in shock" over Armstrong's death, said he could see the stress the show placed on his uncle.

"He told me he was going to be on it, and he seemed really ecstatic about it, at that point he was happy," Kelsoe said of his initial conversations with Armstrong before taping for the show's second season began. "When I visited him a couple of weeks later, he was telling me how stressed he was from the show and stuff like that." reports that other members of Armstrong's family are reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against Bravo for contributing to the emotional state that led to his suicide.

"Bravo is at fault and somebody needs to pay," Russell's stepbrother Wade Jackson told the outlet in an interview. "Russell's whole family was very close and they're considering suing Bravo."

Bravo has not commented on allegations that the show played a role in the suicide.

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