What's the Saddest Movie of All Time?

What's the saddest movie of all time? Although this may seem like a question that's open for debate, there is actually a scientific answer.

According to Smithsonian.com, a scientific study from the University of California at Berkeley has determined that the saddest movie of all time is "The Champ."

The 1979 film tells the story of a washed-up boxer who returns to the ring to try and make enough money to retain custody of his son.

The study found that the scene in the movie that consistently caused the most people to cry was when "The Champ" dies as his son pleads for him to wake up.

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in with what you think the saddest movie of all time is.

UPDATE: Over 2,000 of you have weighed in with your votes and the top five choices are:

1) "Old Yeller"

2) "Imitation of Life"

3) "Steel Magnolias"

4) "Terms of Endearment"

5) "Sophie's Choice"

What do you think of the top five choices? Have we left off an obvious choice?

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