A Bigger, Better TV Awards Show Returns to Glam

If there would have been one steady chant at this year's 54th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards, it would have been, "We're here, don't fear. TV kicks butt again!"

The other one would've been, "It's so hot, It's so hot … I'm going to throw up now!"

Despite temperatures which sailed above 100 degrees, this year's Emmys were refreshing with a return to glitz and glamour and celebration.

It almost seemed that the celebs and press alike were determined to make the 54th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards bigger and better after last year's on-again, off-again Emmy ceremony ended up to be a somber, executive dress gathering that was attended out of necessity more than desire.

There were several security checks, lots of metal detectors and lots of wands winding their way up and down the fronts and backs of many people. Some seemed to enjoy it, while others were pleasant as they waited in line understanding the intense security. The Bigger You Are, the Later You Arrive The throngs of fans were back on the bleachers screaming for their favorite stars. Actually, they screamed for anyone who walked the Red Carpet, including Paula Abdul, who made her return to the spotlight this year because of her turn as an American Idol judge.

As she walked the great red way, she acted as though she'd never left the days of adoring fans and an eager press. It's obvious she had left, though, since she arrived very early … a no-no for any star in the know!

On the flip side, the Osbourne clan are obviously settling into celebrity status. They whisked themselves into the Shrine Auditorium just moments before the show started. It was like watching an episode of the Addams Family as they arrived somewhere they didn't seem to belong.

The Osbournes were right on the heels of Oprah Winfrey (who could've played Cousin Marilyn) and her posse (Steadman, Gayle, Dr. Phil, et al). Oprah was smart to show up late and should've considered arriving with a 1,000-pound gorilla — for protection from anyone who might've wanted to grab one of those giant diamond earrings she was sporting.

Many women had on jewels, but the big ones, as usual, were borrowed … not Ms. Winfrey's, though. The colossal baubles she had dangling from her lobes were from her own jewelry box. Sweet!

Not to be shallow but certainly to be truthful, fashion was king and everyone strived to belong to the Royal Family of Dress. From the very pregnant Jane Kaczmarek and Cynthia Nixon, to the very slender and seductive Marg Helgenberger and Kim Cattrall, the women were ravishing and elegant.

Most of the ladies had on light fabrics with lots of designs, rhinestones, sequins, etc. Ellen DeGeneres was one of the exceptions to the rule, donning a tuxedo, a white blouse, and a new female companion that joined the other ladies in the gown category.

Unfortunately, the comfortable and revealing dresses most women were wearing didn't keep them from sweating profusely. Many had publicists carrying hand-held fans for them (must be nice), but the makeup still melted off in the hot sun.

The men had it worse, since they had no choice but to go the way of the tux. The guys would've surely had a difficult time showing up in strapless gowns, so it was monkey suits for all of them and the aroma of stinky sweat for the people surrounding them. The only break some of the gents gave themselves was the occasional tieless look.

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